Episode 9: Sad News

By Cultivate | November 23, 2021

Revenue Nirvana Episode 9: Sad News

In the last episode… We pick up from episode 8 where Sam and the team successfully work together to escape from Dr. No’s lab, with just minutes to spare. This group really become a team before my eyes. They collaborated and achieved the goal with skill and savvy.

In this episode, Sam receives unexpected and sad news, which adds a new twist to the story.

Remembering Beth 

As I drive home, I think about the team dynamics that I witnessed during the team exercise, and I am impressed with how well the group worked together to solve the riddles. 

As I reach my parking garage, my phone rings. It is Don Sirius. 

I pick up. “Hi Don, how are…” He interrupts me. 

He says, “Sam, I am sorry to call at this hour. I wanted to let you know that I am going to take some time off in the coming weeks. My sister Beth, whom you met during the interview session with the Board, has passed away.” 

I remember Beth fondly. She and I had an instant connection when we discovered our mutual alma matter, Boston College.

“I’m so sorry to hear this, Don. My sincere condolences.” 

“I appreciate that Sam. I am rather shaken: It was very sudden.”

“What can I do to help?” I ask. 

“There are a few upcoming customer appointments on my schedule. I’d like it very much if you could attend on my behalf. I will forward the details.”

“There’s one more thing, Cash will be out as well. Not sure if you are aware, Beth is…well, was…his mother. He is taking time off as well. As you know he was headed to New York next week to accept the “Stickum” award at the STIC  conference. We would like it if you could accept in his place.

“I would be honored.”

“That’s settled then. I will ask Cash to email you the details.”

We hang up. I am stunned by the news about Beth’s passing. Plus, the fact that I never connected the dots on the familial connection between Beth and Cash. But then again, why would I? Beth used her married name. And Cash’s last name is Maker, not Sirius. 

Well, now I know. It doesn’t change the fact that I have quite a bit to accomplish between the travel and ramp up of the Revenue Ops team this month.

I schedule the first meeting of the new Revenue Ops Team, less Cash. I will get him caught up when he is back in the office.

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Don Sirius, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

"We’re taking a deeper dive into how our organization generates revenue through the Rev Ops initiative that Sam is driving. It is eye opening!" 

Sam Caan-Dewitt, CEO 

"I’m looking forward to connecting with past peers at the STIC conference, who are now my competitors. As a whole our industry is facing a challenge to modernize sales and marketing strategy to better serve the buyer. Who is leading, who is falling behind? It will be telling." 

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