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Episode 3: Rev Ops Playbook 

By Cultivate | November 2, 2021

In the last episode…Both Justin and Ken proactively reached out to Sam to share their perspectives. Interestingly, both commented on factors that could significantly impact revenue. One factor has to do with internal hurdles to increased revenue. The other is an external situation that has opened the door to an opportunity for increased revenue. This type of thinking will go a long way in earning Sam’s respect. And, if Sam is successful in launching the Revenue Operations function at Sirius Decisions, Justin and Ken will have key roles to play in making it succeed.

In this episode, Sam applies her persuasive skills to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.

Making the Case for Revenue Operations

I meet Don Sirius in the main conference room to present my business case for Revenue Operations.

After the presentation, he is enthusiastic – just as I’d hoped. “Sam, I love it! It’s exactly what we need to capture new revenue opportunities. I wish I had thought of it!”

Then he pauses, clearly considering his next words. “I know this is the right move for us, but this is going to require a monumental level of change for our people. They’re used to doing things a certain way. This is going to throw a wrench into a lot of well-established processes. What’s your game plan to prepare the organization for change?”

I knew this question was coming, and it’s the perfect segue into the next part of my presentation.

“I agree 110% that this will force change – and it might not be easy for everyone. My plan is to start with a pilot. I’d like to start a Revenue Team that will model how marketing, sales and customer experience can work in unison. I’m planning to roll it out in accordance with a Revenue Operations playbook that I have developed. I'll start with a key initiative, such as the product expansion of Tikky Tak in the western region."

"Here are the steps from my Revenue Operations playbook.

  1. Go-to-market planning: Determine revenue opportunity and assess competition
  2. Develop the Ideal customer profile (ICP)
  3. Design the customer experience
  4. Execute change management strategy: Maximize alignment between marketing, sales, operations and CX
  5. Amplify our unique value proposition across all product collateral and marketing, sales and customer experience materials
  6. Produce and launch campaigns to be present where our audience is (online and offline)
  7. Proactively reach out to our ideal prospects, track KPIs and optimize results" 

Don agrees with the strategy to develop a Revenue Operations function.

He gives me the green light. 

Exploring Product Expansion of Tikky Tak™ 

The following Monday, Ken, Justin, and I meet with Cash to discuss this new western region market opportunity. 

I kick things off, “Ken approached me last week with an analysis that reveals we have a unique product expansion opportunity for Tikky Tak™. I wanted the four of us to discuss this window of opportunity in the western region. Expansion is always fraught with risk and must be carefully weighed with our ability to expand in a way that does not hinder growth or compromise quality."

"I suggest launching a pilot program to test the market. We will use it to understand the nuances of the western region. If all goes according to plan, we will have a solid understanding of what it will take to accelerate sales," I continue. 

“Wouldn’t it be wise to complete the study before investing in the pilot program?” Ken asked.

Cash said, "We've got to take action if we're going to beat the competition in this market."

“I agree with Cash. Let’s test the theory with a soft launch,” countered Justin. 

Ken thought about it, then added, "I'll write a project brief." Everyone agreed.

“We’ll reconvene after we’ve all had a chance to review Ken’s project brief," I said. "One week from today."

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Cash Maker, VP of Sales

"I hear that Rev Ops can accelerate revenue when done right. I'm up for the challenge!" 

Don Sirius, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

"Sam is leading us to Sirius growth with a Revenue Operations model."

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